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1. not existing, nonexistent.
2. not present, absent; not at hand, not available.
3. used to indicate a refusal to participate in something: Siz onu yapacak olursanız ben yokum. If you're going to do that I'm not coming with you. O işte ben yoktum. I had nothing to do with that matter.
4. no (a negative reply).
5. but if not ...: Sınavı kazandın, ne güzel; yok kazanamadın, bir daha denersin. If you pass the test, that'll be great; but if you fail it, then you'll just take it another time.
6. used sarcastically at the beginning of each of several successive clauses: Yok hava kötüymüş, yok zamanı değilmiş, kısacası bu işe yanaşmayacağı belliydi. If it wasn't that the weather was bad, then it was the fact that the time wasn't ripe; in short, it was clear that he wasn't going to get around to doing this job.
7. used for emphasis at the beginning of a statement: Yok, iyi adam vesselam. He's a good fellow, and that's all there is to it.

1. from nothing.
2. for no reason.

__ canım! colloq.
1. I wouldn't think of it!/I wouldn't dream of it!
2. You can't be serious!/You're having me on!
3. That's not the case./You've misunderstood.

__ devenin başı! colloq. You're pulling my leg!/You're feeding me a line!

__ etmek /ı/ to do away with or get rid of (someone, something) completely.

__ oğlu yok. colloq. None of these people/things are here!/Not one of them is to be found!

__ olmak to disappear; to vanish.

__ pahasına very cheaply, for nothing, for a song.

__ satmak (for a merchant) to have nothing left to sell.

__ yere for no reason at all.

__ yok.
1. proverb Don't suppose that something cannot be found or cannot happen, because it can.
2. No! No!

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