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1. /a/ to hit, strike.
2. /a/ to knock on; to tap on.
3. /ı/ to shoot; to stab.
4. /ı/ to kill.
5. /ı/ to hit (a target).
6. /ı/ to hunt (animals).
7. /ı, a/ to drive (a nail, etc.) into.
8. /ı, a/ to give (someone) (a hypodermic injection): Doktor, Mahmut'a iğne vurmadı. The doctor didn't give Mahmut a shot.
9. /ı, a/ to put (one thing) on (another): Dudu bohçayı sırtına vurdu. Dudu put the large bundle on her shoulder. O kola bir yama vuracağım. I'll put a patch on that sleeve. Polis, Enver'in ellerine kelepçe vurdu. The policeman handcuffed Enver. Ön kapıya kırmızı boya vurmak istiyor. He wants to paint the front door red. Ağrıyan koluna hardal yakısı vurdu. She put a mustard plaster on her aching arm.
10. /ı, a/ to multiply: Onu ona vurursan yüz eder. If you multiply ten by ten, you get a hundred.
11. /a/ (for light, a shadow, rain, wind) to hit, strike, fall on.
12. /ı/ (for a clock) to strike (the hour).
13. /ı/ to steal.
14. /ı/ to have, knock back (a drink).
15. /ı/ (for something) to make (someone) sick; /a/ (for something) to make (itself) felt in (a part of one's body).
16. /ı/ (for a shoe) to chafe, blister (one's foot).
17. /a/ to strike out along, head out along (a road); to head for.
18. /ı, a/ to knock or throw (someone or something) to/on (the ground).
19. /ı/ to slam (something) shut.
20. /ı/ (for something) to damage or blight (a crop).
21. (for one's heart or pulse) to beat.
22. /a/ slang to *screw, have sex with. Vur abalıya! Jump on someone who's weaker than you are! (said reproachfully). Vur dedikse öldür demedik ya! colloq. I didn't ask you to go that far! vur deyince öldürmek (for someone) to tend to carry things to extremes. vur patlasın, çal oynasın
1. (enjoying oneself) wildly, to the hilt, by whooping it up, by painting the town red, by living it up.
2. living it up, Brit. going on the razzle: Bu tazminat bir elime geçsin, ondan sonra vur patlasın çal oynasın! Once I get my hands on this retirement bonus, I'm going to live it up! vurdukça tozumak to get more complicated the deeper one gets into it.

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