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1. upper surface, top: Kütüğün üstüne oturdu. She sat down on the log.
2. space over or above: Üstümde ay parlıyordu. The moon was shining above me.
3. clothes: Üstünü kirletme ha! Don't get your clothes dirty, you hear?
4. (a) superior, (a) boss.
5. remainder, rest (of an amount of money).
6. top, upper: en üst kat topmost floor. yokuşun üst yanında on the upper part of the slope.
7. at or about (a certain time): öğle üstü in the early afternoon/ at noon.

__te above; on top.

1. from the top, from above.
2. superficially.

__ünde/üzerinde /ın/
1. on, on top of.
2. above, over.
3. on; overlooking or looking out on: cadde üstünde on a main street. Boğaz'ın üstünde overlooking the Bosphorus.
4. more than; over: Ahmet artık kırkın üstünde olmalı. Ahmet must be over forty by now.
5. on, about (a matter, a subject): Bunun üstünde anlaşmalıyız. We ought to come to an agreement about this.
6. on (someone's consciousness): Onun üstünde büyük bir etki yaptı. It made a big impression on him.
7. on, with: Üstünde para yok mu? Don't you have any money on you?

1. on, on top of: Elbisesinin üstüne sürdü. She rubbed it on her dress.
2. on, on the subject of, dealing with: Kırım Savaşı üstüne bir tez hazırlıyor. She's preparing a thesis on the Crimean War.
3. on top of, right after: Baklavanın üstüne işkembe çorbası içilir mi? Does one have tripe soup right after one's eaten baklava?
4. upon (one's honor, one's good name): şerefim üstüne upon my honor.
5. better than, superior to: Kendi dalında Ali'nin üstüne yok. Ali's tops in his field. Senin üstüne yok, vallahi! By George, you take the cake!
6. on (someone's) account: Rahmi, biraları benim üstüme yaz! Put the beers on my account, Rahmi!

__ü açık open at the top.

__ünüze/üzerinize afiyet/şifalar/sağlık! May you stay in good health! (said while talking about an illness).

__ünden akmak to be plainly evident.

__üne/üzerine almak /ı/
1. to take the responsibility of (doing something), take (something) upon oneself.
2. to take (a remark, an action) as being directed against oneself.

__ünden/üzerinden atmak /ı/ to refuse to accept responsibility for.

__üne/üzerine atmak /ı, ın/ to impute (a misdeed or crime) to (someone).

__üne/üzerine basmak to hit the nail on the head.

__ baş clothes.

__ü başı dökülmek for (one's) clothes to be in tatters.

__üne başına etmek/yapmak
1. /ın/ to curse violently at, give (someone) down the country, give (someone) what for.
2. to defecate in one's underpants.

__ başa geçmek to sit with the bigwigs (in a meeting).

__üne bırakmak /ı, ın/ to leave (something) for (someone else) to do, leave (someone) with the job of.

__üne/üzerine bir bardak (soğuk) su içmek /ın/ colloq. to give up all hope of getting (something that one has lent) back, kiss (something) goodbye.

__ çıkmak/gelmek to win.

__e çıkmak (for someone who's at fault) to succeed in shifting the blame onto someone else.

__ünden/üzerinden dökülmek (for a garment) to be far too big for, swallow (someone).

__ dudak upper lip.

__ünde/üzerinde durmak /ın/ to give (a matter) a lot of thought, spend a lot of time thinking about (a matter); to give (a matter) a lot of attention; to dwell on (a matter).

__üne/üzerine düşmek /ın/
1. to fuss over, make a fuss over, shower attention on (someone).
2. to bother, pester.
3. to throw oneself into (a job), work hard at (a job).

__üne/üzerine evlenmek /ın/ to marry again when one already has (someone) as a wife.

__üne/üzerine geçirmek/geçirtmek /ı/
1. to have (a piece of property) registered in one's own name.
2. to have (an adopted child) registered under one's own surname, cause (an adopted child) to bear one's own surname.

__ünden geçmek /ın/ slang
1. to *screw, have sex with.
2. to rape.

__ünden (... zaman) geçmek (for an amount of time) to pass, elapse (after an event).

__üne/üzerine gelmek /ın/
1. (for someone) to turn up or appear right when (something is being done or discussed).
2. to walk towards (someone) intending (or as if he intends) to beat him up.


__üne görmek to menstruate, have one's period (during pregnancy).

__üne gül koklamamak /ın/ to love no one else but, have nothing to do with anyone else but (one's beloved, one's wife).

__üne/üzerine güneş doğmamak to get up before sunrise.

__ünüzden ırak! colloq. Heaven forbid!/May no such misfortune befall you!

__üme/üzerime iyilik sağlık! colloq. Heaven forbid!/God save me from such a thing!

__ünde/üzerinde kalmak /ın/
1. to be sold to (someone) (at an auction).
2. to get the blame for, be held responsible for (a crime).

__ü kapalı/örtülü
1. indirectly, in an indirect way, between the lines.
2. indirect.

__üne/üzerine koymak /ı, ın/ to add (one thing) to (another).

__üne/üzerine mal etmemek /ı/ not to regard (something) as one's responsibility; not to regard (something) as being one's concern.

__üne oturmak/yatmak /ın/ to appropriate (something) for oneself (when one has no right to do so).

__ perdeden konuşmak
1. to talk loudly.
2. to talk big.

__üne perde çekmek /ın/ to cover up, conceal, draw a veil over.

__ünüze şifalar! God preserve you from such an illness!

__ tarafı /ın/
1. the rest of, the remainder of.
2. the upper part or side of.

__üne/üzerine titremek /ın/ to treat with tender, loving care; to watch over anxiously, care for meticulously.

__üne/üzerine toz kondurmamak /ın/ to refuse to accept that a better (person, thing) exists, regard (someone, something) as tops.

__üne/üzerine tuz biber ekmek,

__üne/üzerine tüy dikmek /ın/ to make a bad situation worse; to add salt to the wound.

__ üste in rapid succession, one right after the other.

__üne üstüne gitmek /ın/ to try doggedly or insistently to do (something).

__üne/üzerine varmak /ın/
1. to hound (someone) (with a request).
2. to become married to someone while he is already married to (another woman).

__e vermek /ı/ (for a seller) to throw (something else) into the bargain.

__üne yapmak
1. /ı/ to have (a piece of property) registered in one's own name.
2. to defecate in one's underpants.

__üne/üzerine yıkmak /ı, ın/
1. to impute (a misdeed or crime) to (someone).
2. to dump (a hard job) on (someone), saddle (someone) with (a hard job). (kendi)

__üne/üzerine yormak /ı/ to take (a remark, an action) as being directed against oneself.

__üne/üzerine yürümek /ın/ to walk towards (someone) intending (or as if he intends) to beat him up.

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