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i. Adem; bir erkek adı. Adams apple bak. apple. not to know one from Adam tanıyamamak the old Adam insanların günah işlemeye olan tabii eğilimi.

i. Âdem Baba, Âdem. Adam's apple anat. âdemelması.

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1. man.
2. human being.
3. person, individual.
4. a good person.
5. employee; servant; retainer; helper.
6. agent, representative.
7. follower, supporter, man.
8. one, a person.

prov. husband, man. Adamım! colloq. My friend!

adam adama defans sports man-to-man defense.

adam adama savunma sports man-to-man defense.

adam almamak (for streets) to be very crowded with people, be teeming with people.

adam azmanı enormously large person.

adam başına apiece, each, for each person.

adam beğenmemek to be overcritical of people.

adam boyu the height of a man.

adamını bulmak /ın/ to find the right person to do (a job).

adama çevirmek /ı/ to put (something) in good repair, put (something) in good shape.

adam değilim! colloq. I'll be damned.

adama dönmek/benzemek to look presentable; to look like somebody; to look like something.

adamına düşmek (for a job) to come the way of someone who is really suited to do it.

adam etmek /ı/
1. to be the making of (someone); to mature, make a man/a woman of.
2. to put (something) in good repair, rejuvenate.
3. to set (a place, an organization) to rights, put (a place, an organization) on its feet; to make (a place, an organization) into something, make (a place, an organization) thrive.

adam evladı a person of good family and upbringing.

adam gibi
1. properly, suitably, in the right way.
2. worthy, genuine, real.

adamına göre (adapting one's approach) to suit the individual.

adam içine çıkmak/karışmak to mix with people.

adam istemek (for a project, for someone) to require a good man, need a person who's really worth his salt.

adam kaldırmak to kidnap someone, abduct someone.

adam kıtlığı/yokluğu shortage of qualified and capable people.

adam kullanmak
1. to know how to use someone for one's own benefit.
2. to know how to get someone to work, know how to get work out of someone, know how to work someone.

adam olmak
1. to grow up and become a responsible member of society.
2. (for something in disrepair) to be given a new lease on life, be put in good repair.

adamı olmak /ın/
1. to be very good at, be highly skilled in (a job).
2. to be the right person for (a job).
3. to be (someone's) man, be one of (someone's) men, be in the employ of; to be a retainer of.
4. to be someone whom one can rely on, be someone whom one can trust.

adam öldürmek to murder someone, commit murder.

adam sağmak to trick a man out of his money, milk people.

adam/insan sarrafı a good judge of people.

adamdan saymamak /ı/ see

adam yerine koymamak.

adam seçmek to show favor, play favorites, not to give a fair chance to everyone.

adam sen de! colloq. Don't worry./Take it easy!/Never mind.

adam sırasına geçmek/girmek to win a place of respect and responsibility.

adam vurmak to commit murder.

adam yerine koymamak /ı/ to think (someone) to be beneath consideration, consider (someone) to be of no importance.

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The name given in the Bible to the first man, the progenitor of the human race.

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