Use Turkish Dictionary with Word Documents

You can add our Turkish-English bilingual dictionary to Microsoft Word, and use it when you are reading-writing documents using your computer. To add Turkish Dictionary to Word right click menu, follow these simple steps (not tested with Office 2007):

Step 1 - Paste Macro to Word

Click here and copy everything (all the code) on the screen that opens. Open a Word document and go to "tools | macro | macros -> create". Delete everything on the Visual Basic screen that opens and paste the code you copied from our site. From the run menu, click on "Run Sub/UserForm" and then close the Visual Basic window.

Step 2 - Install

Now, return to Word and again select "tools | macro | macros". In the list of macros, you will see "td_Add". Select this one and click on the button labeled "Run". Turkish Dictionary is now ready to use with Word.

Step 3 - How to use

Now, highlight a word in a Word document. When you right click on the highlighted word, you will see "Lookup Turkish Dictionary" in the menu. Click on this menu item here and a new browser window will open with the meaning of the highlighted word.