Use Turkish Dictionary with Internet Explorer

You can add our Turkish-English bilingual dictionary to Internet Explorer, and use it when you are browsing the Internet. To add Turkish Dictionary to Internet Explorer right click menu, follow these simple steps (For Windows XP or Windows 2000, and Internet Explorer 4 or higher - which you probably have):

Step 1 - Download file

Right click here and select "save target as" to download a small file that will do everything for you.

Step 2 - Install

Double click on the file you downloaded, and click "yes" and "ok". Now, Turkish Dictionary is added to your right click menu in Internet Explorer. You need to close all open Internet Explorer windows for this to take effect.

Step 3 - How to use

Now, open a text in Internet Explorer and highlight a word by double clicking on it. When you right click on the highlighted word, you will see Turkish Dictionary in the menu. Click on Turkish Dictionary here and a new window will open with the meaning of the highlighted word.