Add Turkish Dictionary to Your Site

You can add our Turkish-English bilingual dictionary to your web site or personal home page for free. You can add our dictionary as a dictionary module somewhere in your pages and/or as a double click dictionary.

1. Add dictionary module

Your dictionary module will look and work like this:

Turkish Dictionary
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Turkish Dictionary

To get this dictionary module, simply copy the text below and paste it to the html code of your page where you want to have the dictionary. Your visitors will appreciate this functional and fast dictionary, at no cost on your side.

Feel free to change the look and feel of this dictionary to make it look better on your site.

2. Add double click dictionary

You can also add our dictionary to your site as a double-click dictionary. When your visitor double clicks a word on your site, the meaning of that word will open in a new window, leaving your visitor on your site. To get this functionality, copy and paste the following code between the head tags of your pages.

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